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People Will Rent Your Extra Space, From Garages to Parking Spots. List It For FREE! Payments Made Directly Online.

Sharing Space In Your Neighborhood

Rent Out Your Extra Space

Become your own Storage company, rent out your garage, shed or any space and make side money safely and easily. Even parking spots are easy to rent out, people are wanting to rent your extra space! List your space today for free!

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Make Room, Rent Some Space

Storage companies can be expensive. Monthly parking rates can be very expensive and hard to find. Why not see who in your neighbourhood is renting space that fits what you need. Find space to rent the quick, easy and safe way.

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GHIGS was born in Canada where we all love to share, it’s in our blood and who we are. From coast to coast and in between, list your space to rent or find the space you really need for storage.